Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Audio Shiur on Berchas "Al Ha'Tzaddikim": Sympathy, and Empathy, For An Unlikely Type of Tzaddik

Presenting Reb Yerachmiel's most recent Baltimore Community Kollel shiur from Sunday night January 18th, 2009, and his third on berchas "Al Ha'Tzaddikim" in Shemoneh Esrei.

In this shiur Reb Yerachmiel reads and explains a heart-wrenching maamar from the sefer "Darchei Noam" (the Slonima Rebbe shlita), which discusses the classic debate between Yaakov and Yosef regarding the blessing of Ephraim and Menashe. Indeed, this maamar introduces us to a very different type of Tzaddik, and forces us to sympathize and therefore daven for this Tzaddik, while simultaneously empathizing with this Tzaddik, as we recognize in this Tzaddik, a little bit of ourselves.


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-Dixie Yid

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Anonymous said...

Todah Rabbah Bishveel Ha'Haklata!

Anonymous said...

So the pshat is that while yearning to be a tzaddik is certainly a prerequisite for being zoche to actually become one, according to this Torah from the Slonimer Rebbi, we now see that in the event that a Jew is relegated to yearning for Tzidkus but never seems to truly attain it, its possible that that yearning might itself be the sign, symbol and evidence of that Jew's tzidkus!

In short, let us yearn for tzidkus, rabbosai. Either the yearning will help us to actually reach levels of tzidkus, or, if chas veshalom never attained, nonetheless, said unrequited-yearning might actually in-and-of-itself be tzidkus.