Friday, February 12, 2010

Amazing Elucidated Sourcesheet on Beis Yaakov of Izbitz by R' Reuven Boshnack

Reb Reuven Boshnack, (JLI Rabbi at Brooklyn College, therapist, and up-and-coming dayan) has put together a very nice sourcesheet on a piece from the the Beis Yaakov of Izbitz on Parshas Mishpatim. He's put it together in a very creative and thoughtful way.

It includes 1) the actual text of the Beis Yaakov, scanned, 2) a section called "Musagim," Concepts, which sumarizes the major concepts brought out by the Izbitzer in that piece, 3) the Izbitzer twist, showing how the the Izbitzer masterfully presents a concept in a way that we wouldn't have expected and 4) a section called "Practical Advice," which gives you a take-away point from the piece.
It's a great thing to learn with a child or Chevrusa. An amazing "study guide." Enjoy!

You can see that pdf HERE.

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