Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Posting Live on the Uman Drive - R' Chaim Freud Part 2

Here is part two of Chaim Freud's journal of the chevra's journey to Uman:

We had a long trip as we left haditch  and traveled Bardichiv and Mezibush( the town of the Bal Shem Tov ) we davened Schacharis a bit late but we are B"H 12 so we make our own minyan. Being in Berditchiv is very special. To be present together with the defender of our people who battles heaven on our behalf is a very comforting feeling. It is taught and agreed by all that Tzadikim are far greater after their pi'tera (death)then while they are in this world. The reason is understood that they have obstacles while part of this world. While being in the world of truth they have free open reign. We all had special personal requests and we were agents for scores of friends and family to help explain their individual needs.  Mesbush is always a treat because we are always fed a nice hot meal. We were privileged to a hot Mikveh and running water in the building. I am emphasizing running water. Because last year there was not either four. The Bal Shem Tov's mikveh needs a filter system as we now have in Uman B"H.

There was one amazing detail I omitted in part 1. While in haditch I was talking to Rav Shoo Shoo the chabad Rav. He showed me a backpack that contained a talis and Teffiian. The young man that is missing his bag is staying in Uman. He is staying a 5 Pushkina apt 171. We should arrive tonight at about   8:30PM to Uman and we will fulfill the mitzvah of returning the lost.

On route to Shepitivska to the tzion of the illustrious Rav Pinchus koritzor. I will deliver one more report prior to arriving in Uman our final destination. We will all check in to our rooms. I checked that the beds and rooms were complete and ready, so far B"H so good....

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