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Breslov and Uman - Aish Kodesh Visit to Ukraine and Eretz Yisroel with Rav Moshe Weinberger, Yosef Karduner and Gadi - 6-3-15

Continuing our summary of the Aish Kodesh trip to the Ukraine and Eretz Yisroel May 31-June 7, 2015 following the Berditchev and Mezhibuzh parts of the journey, this post summarizes our adventures in Breslov and Uman, Ukraine. Download the maareh mekomos sheets for the trip here. We came to Rebbe Nosson of Nemerov's kever in Breslov after Mezhibuzh. When we arrived in Uman at about 10 pm on Tuesday night, June 2nd, 2015, we first had dinner at the Uman Inn.  

Shiur by Reb Nosson of Breslov

We made the beautiful trek up the hill in Breslov to daven by Reb Nosson's kever. Here are some pictures from that. And here are a couple more. The location was truly beautiful as well, definitely the most physically beautiful place we saw in Ukraine.

HERE is the mp3 of the shiur.

Watch the video of the shiur here:

And here is a video of a little bit of the dancing with Reb Yosef Karduner and Gadi after the shiur, including another shot of the amazing view from Rebbe Nosson's ohel:

The Tziyun of Rebbe Nachman in Uman:

After davening by the tziyun of Rebbe Nachman in Uman, the chevra said Tikun Klali together, led by Yosef Karduner, followed by a rikud. Here are some pictures from that. 

Click HERE to download the mp3 audio of the shiur Rav Weinberger gave by the tziyun in the afternoon. Here are some pictures from the shiur.  And click here to see a beautiful video of some rikudim to the music of Yosef Karduner and Gadi after the shiur. 

Watch the video of the shiur:

Aish Kodesh Group picture in Sophia Park in Uman, Ukraine
Sophia Park

We had a beautiful time in Sophia Park, a botanical garden created by the Polish noble Count Potocki as a gift for his wife in 1796, where it is said that Rebbe Nachman did hisbodedus before his death in Uman (which was in 1810). Here, here, and here are some pictures from that visit.

The Visit

Our visit to Uman was noticed by many people who saw how many people were going to see Rav Weinberger speak. A Hebrew Breslov website even had an article and pictures about our visit. There were a couple of people who had set up mattresses in Rebbe Nachman's tziyun and were still sleeping when Rebbe gave the above-linked (afternoon) two hour shiur. At one point, one of the guys woke up and got out of bed to go wash. He looked quite amused and surprised to see a shiur with 40 listeners going on in his "bedroom!" 

On our last night in Uman, Yosef Karduner and Gadi Pugatch (on violin) graced us with a beautiful Melaveh Malka.  Here is a video of part of it. The amazing thing is that at the very end of the trip in Eretz Yisroel, Yoni and Sarah Melman, who made so much of the arrangements for every detail of the trip, gave out a remastered CD of the music from the Melaveh Malka, along with a "We Rocked Shamayim" magnet in remembrance of our amazing experience in Me'aras Hamachpela. It was so nice.

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