Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cedar Trees as a Mashal for Seraphim

My Chevrusa shared a great thought with me today:

He and his brother were learning the sefer Daas Torah. In it, it was stated that Cedar trees are a mashal for the type of angels called Seraphim.

Background: Olam Hazeh is not the truist reality. It is merely a mashal, an analogy to have some understanding of the "Upper World." That means that everything in this world is a mashal, physical representation, or avatar of something in the true reality of the upper world. (Hakol mashal umelitza, in the words of the Rambam) Seraphim: These are the highest order of malachim, fiery angels. They have an extremely short "life span!" As soon as they are created, they are immediately swallowed up in a fire of reincorporation with Hashem. They flash in and out of existance, and their only purpose in their existance is to be mevatel themselves in a flash of passionate fiery love, ending their own seperate existance right after their creation.

My friend was wondering: What kind of connection could there be between Cedar Trees and Seraphim, such that Cedar Trees are the earthly representation of Seraphim in the Olam Ha'elyon?

He opined that the Cedar trees, and trees in general, are the longest living organism on earth. They seem to have the most solid existance; the most staying power. So perhaps it's to teach us the following: One might feel that his accomplishments and aliyas in life are short and brief, and don't have any lasting significance in life after they're over. He may feel like those moments are like the Seraphim, who exist only for a moment, before flashing out of existance.

The fact that the long-lasting cedar tree is the Seraphim's mashal teaches us that even the briefest avodas Hashem has a huge, long lasting impact, like the mighty Cedar here on earth. So don't give up hope. Every little bit counts!

-Dixie Yid

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