Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Real Life Lessons when we're late for school

Since I get home from work after my kids have gone to bed, I take my two girls to school twice a week. This morning, we were half way there, and we were making good time when I got a flat tire. It took 20-30 minutes to change the tire and my second grader was 20 minutes late for school, but by the end of the experience, we learned 3 things that made it worth being late for school.

1. They learned that when things don't go your way, you don't grumble, curse, or get angry. You realize that Hashem has a reason for everything, and it's all for the good.

2. They learned that you shouldn't step too hard on the tire iron when loosening the bolts on the tire, or it might pierce the bottom of your shoe!

3. And they learned how amazing the Jewish people are, as they watched 5 different people stop and ask if we needed help.

Once we got on our way, they were arguing that the first person who stopped caused all the others to help us, since she suggested I put on my emergency lights. They thus credited her with letting everyone else know we had a flat tire. I suppose that their father wreslting with the tire iron wasn't clear enough of a signal about what was going on!

-Dixie Yid

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