Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Three Year Old Son, The Philosopher

Exchange this morning with my son:

My Son: Where's John (a workman he'd just seen)?

Me: He's outside.

My son: But we can't see him.

Me: You're right. We can't see him but we know he's there. It's just like Hashem. Can we see Hashem?

My son: No.

Me: But do we know He's there?

My son: Yeah!

Me: Right, we know he's there because he made us.

My son: You and me, right?

Me: Right. He made us and he gives us our food.

My son: Yum Yum. And he gives us lollypops!

Me: Right, he gives us our food every single day.

My son: Who? John?


-Dixie Yid

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