Thursday, March 11, 2010

Berchas "Modim": May Your Name Be Blessed and Exalted Forever - Audio/Vido Shiur

Below are Video and Audio links to this past Sunday's shiur by Reb Yerachmiel on Berchas “Modim” in Shemoneh Esrei in which he explains the deeper meanings of the phrase "Ve'Al Kulam, Yisbarach Viyisromam Shimcha Malkeinu Tamid Leolam Va'ed" ("And for all these things, may Your Name be blessed and exalted always, forever and ever") which we daven at least three (3) time each and every day. Both practical and inspiring, this shiur will be appreciated by all.

Torah Anytime Video Link

CLICK HERE to get the audio shiur by either left clicking to listen right now or right clicking and selecting "Save Target As" to download.

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Dixie Yid- Thank you. I requested this shiur last night and I appreciate your posting it today. Please note that the video sometimes goes into buffering mode, but I guess if it continues to present an issue one can always go directly to the torahanytime website to listen dircetly... Shabbat Shalom

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Thank u very much