Friday, October 11, 2013

Guest Post: How to easily add new built in internet filters on any iOS 7 Apple Device

As a follow up from a comment I left to DixieYids post here and a article DixieYid sent to me from here I wanted to post these simple steps for locking your iOS 7 device to block all adult content and even create a white list (I will explain). This will allow both your cellular data and WIFI connection to block adult content and still be able to use Safari. It's simple and unobtrusive that there is simply no excuse not to have some basic level of filtering on your iOS device now.

Step 1: Click on the settings icon and go into "General"

Step 2: Once in "General" click on "Restrictions". Note: If you have not set restrictions before it will be set to "Off" and will prompt you to assign a easy 4 digit passcode. Have this passcode set by another person to ensure you cannot unlock settings. In addition you should limit explicit content for things like movies as shown below. 

Step 3: Once in "Restrictions" scroll down until you see "Allowed Content". There is a new "Websites" option to click on. As noted earlier, in this screen you can limit other content like movie ratings.

Step 4: Now you can check the "Limit Adult Content" and you are DONE!

Optional Steps 5-6: If you wish you can add a blacklist/whitelist. Blacklist will ALWAYS block a certain website. Whitelist feature will only allow websites YOU list. It is a great feature and something I might try soon.

Step 5 Black list: Scroll to the bottom of the same "Websites" menu previously in when we selected the "Limit Adult Content" option in step 4. In the "Never Allow" option you can simply type in URLs you always want blocked!

Step 6 White list: Here instead of selecting "Limit Adult Content" select "Specific Websites Only". As a default Apple has pre-populated a list of kid friendly options. The last option at the bottom is "Add a Website" (not pictured below). Simply type in as many sites as you want to white list. Again once setup your Apple device will only allow the sites YOU choose.

I hope these steps were clear and help people protect their phones from basic adult content. If I can be of more help please leave a comment below.

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If you have some kids that take your phone to play or something this is a great option, a suppose that the old operating system doesn't come with this, so i think that for people like me who has two childrens its a great opportunity to protect them from bad content , so i think that its a great improvement for ios 7