Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rav Moshe Weinberger - Parshas Vayeshev - Shalosh Sheudos Torah - The Bas Ayin, Reb Mendel Vizhnitzer & Rivkahlah

Also courtesy of Reb Adam Friedman, here is the Torah from the Bas Ayin Rav Moshe Weinberger taught at Shalosh Sheudos during his visit to YU this past Shabbos, parshas Vayeshev. Learn through that first. Rav Weinberger then told over a story about Reb Mendel Vizhnitzer (The Tzemach Tzaddik), which Reb Adam summarized as follows:
He then told the story of the Tzemach Tzaddik, Reb Mendel Vizhnitzer and little Rivkah. He heard it from his father when he was younger. Before he became Rebba, he wanted to take the pulse of the people. He dressed up as a begger and went traveling around year after year. Every year he would arrive in a ceratin town and the people would give him a few koppecks but no one invited him in. There was a little girl, Rivkahleh, who year after year, would set up her little table and chiar and serve Mendel "the meshugeneh" tea. Rivkah and Mendel became friends. During his last visit - he knew he would have to reveal himself and become Rebba soon - he said to Rivka that this would be the last time he would be here. He asked her not to forget him and she asked the same.
Fast forward, Rivkah became very sick and lost the ability to walk. Her parents went to every doctor, travelled to Vienna and Prague, but to no avail. Rivkah suggested that they go get a bracha from the Tzemach Tzaddik because maybe he is Mendel the begger, who used to travel around. The family thought she was speaking crazily due to sickness, but had exhausted all options. During the day before the family arrived, the Rebba made a starnge request of his gabbai. He asked him to find a toy set of table and chairs and a little tea set. The gabbai found one and set it up in the corner of the Beis Medrish, at the Rebba's request.
The family arrived and carried Rivkah in to see the Rebba. They placed her in front of the Rebba in the middle of the Beis Medrish, she was laying on the floor. When Rivkah saw the Rebba she yelled "Mendel!" The chassidim looked around "Mendel?" Who is this woman? Rivkah continued and said, do you remember me? Reb Mendel turned to Rivkah and said, Rivkah, do I remember you? When no one else took me in, you brought me to your table and served me tea. I would like you to serve me tea once more. At that moment Rivkah stood up and walked over to the tea set.
IY"H, may we be zoche to see the faces of our own true selves, the faces of the tzadikim, and the face of Moshiach, may he come soon in our days!

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Menashe said...

I think you may be confusing people. The Tzemach Tzedek did indeed have that name, but to my knowledge had no such connection to Vizhnitz.

Anonymous said...


Not everything is Chabad and not all stories are from chabad tzadikim and there are and were other Tzadikim. The Tzemach Tzadik is a Vishnetzer Rebbe, not to be confused with the Tzemach Tzedek!

Menashe said...

Post originally said Tzedek.

Anonymous said...

Rebbe gave this over in shiur at YU as well (it's up on YUTORAH). I entered Chanukah having just absorbed that shiur and this exact ma'aseh. b"H yom yom for our rebbe and mashpia.