Sunday, December 1, 2013

Awesome Musical Davening for Chanukah This Morning in Woodmere - Eitan Katz - Video & Audio!

The video above is a compilation of a number of people's videos from a beautiful Halel from Chanukah davening this morning in Woodmere. As Chazal say (Avos 6:2), "The only free man ("Frei" yid) is one who is fully engaged in learning Torah." Reb Eliav Frei, who organized this Carlebach davening, shows us all that the way to be free of the shackles of the smallness of this ephemeral world is by being fully engaged with Yiddishkeit. In that spirit, he put together this morning's beautiful davening at his house for the chevra from Woodmere. Some very special Yiddin even came from various parts of Brooklyn, including Marine Park and Williamsburg to daven with us as well.

You can click here to hear an audio recording of almost the entire Halel and see above for a compilation of videos.

It was great seeing Reb Eitan Katz leading Halel, as well as other talented musicians who joined in like Pinny Farkas, Mutty Shur (both of One Trek fame), and Shloimy Reich.

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Anonymous said...

Fifth Candle.... nice.

Neil Harris said...

Awesome! I saw this early this morning, but wasn't able to comment until now.