Monday, February 16, 2009

Laws, Diagrams & Charts on the Laws of Tefillah for Women

Rabbi Tal Zwecker shared this document which looks like a great resource for women by Pirchei Shoshanim called Pathway to Prayer. It contains an outline of the laws of tefillah as they apply to womena nd it has a number of very clear diagrams and charts explaining the order of priority for the different parts of davening for women. Some of them would be ideal for printing out and perhaps laminating to keep handy.

CLICK HERE to download this pdf document.

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Shorty said...

this is a great resource. thanks!

Menashe said...

I brought this issue up tonight to a few bochurim. None of them even knew women had a chiyuv to daven at all. We had to find it inside before they would believe me..