Monday, February 9, 2009

New Torah Classes for Women by Na'aleh in Audio/Video Updated Online

I received the following e-mail from Na'aleh, which has many Torah classes for women in video and audio formats.
Dear Naaleh Friend,

In honor of Tu B'Shvat, the day that marks the renewal of plant life after a long winter, renew your commitment to Torah study with! We have begun our Spring Semester with new class series and are continuing other popular classes.

SPECIAL Tu B'Shvat shiur by Rav Hershel Reichman.

Below, find a sampling of some of our new courses:

Rebbetzin Heller will continue her Question & Answer classes under a new title, 'Rebbetzin's Perspective: Balancing Life's Challenges'. To send in your own question to Rebbetzin Heller, email it to Click here to watch the first class.

Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg, joins our staff with a new series on Shmirat Halashon, the laws and attitudes pertaining to one's speech. Rabbi Ginsburg has delivered three classes on the topic so far. Click here to watch the latest one.

Mrs. Yehudith Weiss joins with a unique class on the dikduk of Rashi, called 'Mechanics in Meforshim'. This class is a must for anyone wanting to fully understand Rashi's commentary on Chumash. Mrs. Weiss has delivered two classes so far. View the first class in the series by clicking here.

Rabbi Eliezer Miller continues his new series on serving Hashem wholeheartedly, entitled 'Give Me Your Heart'. Click here for the latest class.

There will be many more exciting new classes beginning in the coming weeks at Go to to see more great classes on Parsha, Tanach, Mussar, Chassidut, Jewish Philosophy, and more.

Looking forward to sharing many hours of Torah!
Tali Aaron
and the Naaleh Crew
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