Monday, February 16, 2009

Learn How to Bring Shabbos into Your Soul

My friend, Rabbi Baruch Leff, has come out with a second edition of Shabbos in My Soul. Two years ago, he came out with the first edition.

My Rebbe was just speaking at Shalosh Sheudos about how to really prepare for Shabbos during the week (not only physically, but spiritually) so that we, on our level, can truly experience the holiness of Shabbos. He quoted one of the Rebbes from Spinka who gave the eitza that every day, we should think about the ma'amar Chazal in Shabbos 10b that Hashem said to Moshe, "א"ל הקב"ה למשה מתנה טובה יש לי בבית גנזי ושבת שמה ואני מבקש ליתנה לישראל לך והודיעם." "... I have a wonderful present in my treasure house. It is called 'Shaboos' and I seek to give it to the Jewish people. Go and tell them!"

He pointed out that, without a doubt, if we would think, each day, that Hashem gave us a wonderful present and that it is coming again this coming Shabbos, we would experience so much more of the light of Shabbos when Shabbos arrives. It is through thinking about and longing for Shabbos during the week that we can merit to experience Shabbos when it comes.

Reb Baruch has written these two great seforim, giving practical eitzos and information about how to experience the light of Shabbos. It's kedai to try!

Shabbos in My Soul

More Shabbos in My Soul

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