Friday, January 22, 2010

New Video Conference Shiur on Sfas Emes & Sifrei R' Nachman by Rav Baruch Gartner

I received the following information from my heiliger friend Zev Polansky, a relatively recent Oleh. Great opportunity!
HaRav Baruch Gartner, shlita, Head of Yeshivas Derech HaMelech, will be starting a weekly online Sfas Emes / Rebbe Nachman shiur - the shiur will be online in a virtual yeshiva setting - users will be able to see each other and participate. The Rav will be going through Sfas Emes al ha parshah and sifrei Rebbe Nachman. It will be on Sundays at 10 am, and begin on Sunday, January 31 at 10 am NY time. Note that the Shiur is free to join - there is no "virtual tuition". Below are computer requirements needed for the shiur. Please let me know whether you're interested in joining, and if so, that you have the computer requirements below - anyone interested MUST run a quick online test with the virtual yeshivah techie to make sure all works before joining the shiur while in progress (someone without the proper setup can make the online shiur crash I'm told).

If you know of anyone else interested this shiur please have them contact me.

In order to join in the shiurim, participants must have:

1) An internet connection of at least 2 meg (2.5 or higher is even better)
2) The computer must be connected to the Internet via a cable. WiFi / wireless connection are not sufficient. Even someone who normally connects wirelessly can connect with a cable for these classes.
3) A webcam and a microphone. Many computers, especially laptops, have integrated cameras and microphone. If an external webcam is needed, the simplest and least expensive Logitech webcams are usually perfect for this application. Be sure they have an internal microphone.
4) A headset or headphones. There are many inexpensive headphones available that also have a microphone. Also, any regular iPod or Walkman headphones work perfectly. Just verify that they connect properly to the computer used.
5) Internet Browser = Firefox and Chrome are known to better for this application than Explorer.
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Anonymous said...

Since my computer does not meet the requirements is it possible to put it on TORAHANYTIME afterward or the yeshivas website?