Sunday, March 6, 2011

Inspiring High Quality Videos About Israel

With thanks to Dixie Dad for sending me this video, here is a great video called "Start Up Nation" about Israel's innovative economy:

Here is another great video about a commander and how Israel deals with fighting an enemy who hides among women and children:

Here is an interview with the author of "Start Up Nation" talking about the progressive deregulation economic policies:

Fascinating statistics about the the worldly effects of the infinite and hungry Jewish soul:

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this, the second video was VERY uninspiring to me. What they call morality is completely immoral by any standards, definitely Jewish ones! I'm talking about endangering our soldiers or civilians lives in order to keep safe the enemy civilians who aid the enemy in combat! Immoral by cristian standards, immoral by muslim standards, and IMMORAL BY JEWISH STANDARDS!

DixieYid (يهودي جنوبي) said...

I'm not so sure. The fact is that although it's not fair, the world does judge us by a double standard. Perhaps there is a reason behind that. Perhaps we should often conduct ourselves better than anyone else in the world would conduct themselves in a war. I'm only saying that b'derech efshar.

It did impress me immensely how incredibly disciplined the Tzahal is in the face of everything they go through. It really seems almost miraculous to me. Putting myself in their place, I don't really understand how they can do it. It is a testiment to the infinite-ness of the Jewish soul, which extends above and beyond normal human nature.