Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Todays Coffee Break - Torah from Starbucks

I was just reading this interesting interview of Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks. I found the following quote fascinating as I aspire to be a leader in the business world:
"It’s so vitally important to give people hope, to provide aspirations and a vision for the future."
While this might seem obvious I often find for me, and specially the goyim I work with a complete lack of vision. Our focus on this blog is the "vision" from a Torah perspective. Without this there is nothing. I was thinking though how this applies to me as a leader in my company and the business world. I have the ability to provide a "vision". What happens if my vision I am giving over is Torah values and a way for people to live according to Torah values?

This for me is truly inspiring and perhaps a insight to bring more meaning to our daily life.

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Neil Harris said...

An excellent post and, indeed, tikvah is something that most don't think about.

Anonymous said...

Jews have a vision. It is to reveal/bring Moshiach! We do this through all our activities throughout the day. Doing these activities in a Jewish/Torah way.

Marc said...

Thank you Neil. I couldn't agree more!

Anonymous, to be clear, I was not saying Jews do not have a vision. Rather we lack the focus and meaning of our daily struggle with recognizing the value of our work.