Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Start and Stop at Honesty

The below Rabbeinu Bechaye made me think allot about the stress I put on myself at work. While honesty and truth is very hard to live by in todays business world it is simple and elegant. By staying focused on this one yesod perhaps I can become a better eved Hashem.

Thank you to ModernUberdox for the following reference.
"Rabbeinu Bechaye says this importance of honesty brought in the first words of the Torah. Every nekuda is in the first pasuk of the Torah, except the shuruk. He explains that this is because the letters which spell the word shuruk (shin-reish-kuf)can also be rearranged to spell the word sheker (shin-kuf-reish), lying, and because sheker cannot be even hinted to in foundation of the Torah. Hashem created this world to be a place based on truth, there was no room for sheker!"

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MP said...

Rav Breuer z'l' spoke often on the matter of yashrus and wrote a famous essay on the topic, noted by R'Micha Berger and also by Dr. Yitzchok Levine.