Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Audio Shiurim on Haftara & Ibur Yohr by Our Favorite Boshnack

Rabbi Reuven Boshnack, the JLI rabbi at Brooklyn College has come through with a couple more shiurim that he has given to the students there. B"H, he has shared them with us!

Haftaras Shekalim - A great shiur on how ga'ava, arrogance can bring a person and the whole nation down - Given on 3/8/08

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"The Power of the Leap Year" Given on 3/8/08 at the Ohr Naava Seminary in Flatbush, Brooklyn

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-Dixie Yid

(Picture courtesy of the Bialistoker Shul)

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1 comment:

Kosher Foodie said...

I am at ATERES NAAVA morning sem, a division of Ohr Naava evening program ( which is not a seminary )...I am just making the point because the morning sem. is accredited/upon admission...while the night program is open to the public.
I couldn't make it to Rabbi Boshnack last Thursday evening I heard great feedback from my friends..thanks soo much for sharing the wisdom!