Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cool Follow Up on Burning Pre-Shabbos Shuva Question!

I received the two e-mails below this morning, following up from the question and answer that I posted between Rabbi Zvi Leshem and Ploni, a reader who works for Disney (now known as "DisneYid" :-)


Dear Rab DixieYid Amu"sh,

I have been doing so much running around-try to get everything done before Yom Kippur that while i haven't had the chance to write to thank you for your answer, and then Rav Zvi Leshem's answer. As it is, I'm just wrapping up for the night over here at Disney (catching up on deadlines in anticipation of all the days I take off this month) at 10:30 PM (good thing that there's a Glatt kosher Subway shop in Los angeles on my route home - they stay open 'til midnight).

Until I checked out your blog alittle while ago, I had only seen your answers via the emails you kept feeding me. As I looked at the whole entry posted on your blog, I was struck by a fresh appreciation for being a Jew, for being a member of this very extended family. Although I have yet to merit to start really studying and learning properly, my question was welcomed and picked up as a discussion by my more learned "brothers", taken just as seriously as if I were, "learned" myself. I LOVE being a Jew!

...Which, come to think of it, may be exactly the point you first responded with last Friday, and which Rav Leshem also responded with. If doing Teshuva out of love for Hashem is the highest level to which one could aspire, then at this moment of realization and appreciation, Baruch Hashem... I'm actually standing in that place, and look ma...No tears! Wow. Now I know how one can do Teshuva with joy. What a gift! Thank you, and thank Rav Leshem, thank you Avakesh and Anonymous, too!

Still, I'd better get home to Mrs. DisneYid and my three DisneYidettes, or I'm going to have to make a different kind of teshuva.

Best and Blessings,

After everything I wrote earlier, I forgot what a "talent" Hashem has for throwing little, surprise "icings on the cake".

Have you ever ordered CD's from Rav Brody? Well, Just before Rosh Hashanah, I placed an order with him for the "Garden of Peace," some CD's for my brother serving in Iraq, and a couple for myself. The package came today, and when I opened it, amongst the CDs I actually ordered were several extras that Rabbi Brody threw in, but the one that almost made me laugh out loud (which would have woken the entire house) was [the one from the picture above]!

I could say things like, "Hashgacha Pratis", "He puts the cure before the illness", etc... but I'm just ear to ear smile speechless with, "Wow."

and it arrived in time for Yom Kippur no less! Baruch Hashem!

Best and Blessings,

-Dixie Yid

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