Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chesed in the Five Towns & Woodmere - Thank you Letter

Guest post by a guest in the Five Towns Community. Very nice to read:

I would like to Thank the 5 Town Community for its heartfelt Chesed to me during my trying time.

With the help of my musical friend Oneg, I posted 2 weeks ago, regarding my situation, having fractured my heal bone and had extensive reconstruction surgery done.

A good friend Levi, allowed me to stay at his place while I needed to recuperate. I have never been here in the 5 towns, and finding myself alone I didn’t know what to do.

I reached out to Bikur Cholim and Ester and family came to my rescue for everything, supplying me with lots of delicious food daily. A day later more people came to the house and shared nice Rosh Hashanah cards their children wrote.

Aaron of Medical Unique has been gracious in setting me up with a wheelchair and servicing it.

The Popacks have taken me in as a new member of the family, enjoying Chava’s magical touch and lovely Shabbat and Chag meals which are so scrumptious.

A few days later Yoni, "the roommate", came back from Uman and its been a Spiritual Ride literally wheeling me to and fro, morning shiurim with Rabbi Weinberger at Aish Kodesh and tending to me every need as well as meeting all the wonderful people caring for me there also helping with giving me rides to my destinations.

Rabbi Wolnwik’s warm Chabad Service at Haftr during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur was amazing with all the stories and explanations finally understanding what I was davening for as well as the Gabayim making sure I had the right place to sit and daven comfortably.

All the people who invited me for meals and who have wheeled me around and have given me rides to my destinations and more, I Thank You.

I was actually on my way back to Israel to reunite with my family, when this accident happened.

This short Chag time here has opened up my EYES to “SEE” how we as Jew’s care for one another and go to the extremes to help out.

As an ex volunteer Golani Machine gunner who fought in Lebanon and surviving a helicopter crash , saving soldiers and many other events that took place, I never thought I would be in this situation, but B”H, AM YISRAEL CHAI and its all about ACHDUT.

I wish each and every one of you, a year of Bracha and everything that you need and want, you should get with full abundance.

Shanah Tova Umetukah!!!

Eli Zemberg

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s(b.) said...

refuah sheleimah. it takes time, but the injuries really do get better!