Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Marcheshvan, Shema Koleinu & Retzay - Audio Shiur - Video Now Available!!!

Below is the link to Reb Yerachmiel’s latest shiur which opens with a yesod from Rav Pincus zt”l on the topic of Marcheshvan. Reb Yerachmiel then transitions to his usual topic, the in-depth study of the Shemoneh Esrei. Specifically, Reb Yerachmiel concluded the bracha of “Shema Koleinu” with two tremendous points to ponder, and introduced berchas “Retzay” with a number of bomb-kashas, one of which was answered by the Baltimore Community Kollel’s own Rosh Kollel, Rav Nesanel Kostelitz, who attended the shiur.

Please CLICK HERE to get the shiur by either left clicking to listen right away or right clicking and selecting "Save Target As" to download the shiur.

You can watch a video of this shiur on TorahAnytime.com by clicking HERE!

And you can see all newly added shiurim by Reb Yerachmiel on TorahAnytime.com by clicking on his page HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Shkoach for posting!

Anonymous said...

Great Shiur! I also really enjoyed the visual option. Can't wait until next week!

Anonymous said...

Nice. I also like the way he opens up the floor to his chevra.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the next one.