Monday, November 2, 2009

Liiiitle More Help Needed to Bring R' Lazer Brody to Five Towns

As announced here, Rabbi Lazer Brody will be speaking at "The Shtiebel" in Cedarhurst on Wednesday night at 7 (men & women invited). But, as mentioned here, sponsors are still needed.

Thanks to several people who responded to the first post, and to several others, over 2/3rds of the sponsorship has been raised. However, we must still raise another $450. So if you (or someone you know) can pledge $36, $50, $100, whatever, please respond. It will facilitate the Five Towns Community's ability to bring Rabbi Brody and it will help support his "Emunah Outreach" work.

So again, to help out, please e-mail Benyomin Wolf or call him at 516-668-6397.

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