Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shiur - Introduction to Kabbalah by R' Itchie Mayer Morgenstern

Thanks to an anonymous friend in Yerushalayim, you can listen to this very important 90 minute audio shiur, by Rav Itchie Mayer Morgenstern, which is an introduction to Kabbala in English. Most of the shiur covered the basics of kabbala. The end of the shiur consistes of a teaching from the sefer Eitz Chaim, the introduction to which is a pre-requisite for learning Kabbala.

This is the first in a series- next week will be learning from the sefer Eitz Chaim.

If you want to read R' Itchie Mayer's Torahs every week as they are given, click here for information on how to access these teaches in both English and Hebrew.

You may listen to the embeded player below or download the shiur here or here.

-Dixie Yid

(Picture of the sefer Eitz Chaim by Rav Chaim Vital courtesy of Nehora)

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