Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ga'aguim L'Geulah: Longing for Moshiach - Audio Shiur

Here is a shiur that Reb Yerachmiel gave last year during the Three Weeks. In it, he also brings a teaching from the Darchei Noam, the present Slonimer Rebbe, shlita.

Presenting an intense audio shiur given by Reb Yerachmiel last year during the Bain Ha'Mitzarim, entitled: Ga'aguim L'Geulah: Longing for Moshiach.
In this shiur, Reb Yerachmiel helps us to better morn in the present, by describing Am Yisroel's losses of the past and dreams for the future.

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-Dixie Yid

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Anonymous said...

Very touching and emotional. Thank you