Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rav Moshe Weinberger at Derech Hamelech - The Three Weeks

My friend David Levy has been kind enough to share with me this link to the audio of Rav Moshe Weinberger's drasha last week at Yeshivas Derech Hamelech in Yerushalayim. This is a yeshiva that he endorsed even before it was opened and was consulted by the great Rav who started the yeshiva, Rav Baruch Gartner all throughout the process of the yeshiva's formation. In this Drasha, Rav Weinberger teaches us what our avodah should be during this time of the Three Weeks. I spoke to a friend who was at the shiur and found it to be awesome.

You can listen to or download the mp3 of the shiur HERE.

-Dixie Yid

(Picture courtesy of Derech Hamelech)

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Anonymous said...

קינות=תיקון Amazing!

A Talmid said...

That is spoken about in Likutei Mohoran 247 based on the Zohar Hakodosh.

Anonymous said...

Here is a suimmary of the Rav Moshe Weinberger shiur given at Derech haMelech Yeshiva in Yeryusalayim during the Three Weeks. The unresolved dilemmas in our life are referred to as "teiku's" which Elihahu haNavi will solve. All of the confusion and doubts that lead to sinas chinam (unwarranted hatred) are caused by unresolved relationships. All the Kinnos begin from unresolved questions on our own lives. TuB'Av is way beyond our understanding. The Ramak explains that in galus we are the epitome of the "bent" hebrew letter Nun. Eliahu haNavi will straighten us out and we will stand erect as the "straight" hebrew letter Nun. The avodah of the 3 Weeks is not only our formal prayers from a siddur. If we do not work on talking with Hashem "one on one" we will be left with unresolved questions on our parents, friends and ourselves. If we really say the Kinnos then there will be a Tikkun. The story of the Bobover Rebbe in the Catskill Mountains that gave him courage after the war to rebuild his life.

Anonymous said...

Talmid: that is exactly what he spoke about; Lmasseh I should Have wrote it "Bshem Omro" Thanks For Pointing It out.