Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Homes and Our Schools Can't Be "Rebbe Factories"

The above picture that I took while driving recently, with some help from an e-conversation with Neil from Modern Uberdox and Mentch Israel, reminded me neither we as parents nor our schools can be "Rebbe Factories," producing identical "perfect tzadik" children. Each child has different skills, talents, and personality traits that require a different approach. We and our schools need to be flexible enough to realize that Hashem may not have the same plans for what kind of Yiddin our children will become as we do. So we must constantly adapt according to His plans.

-Dixie Yid

(Picture courtesy of Me)

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Neil Harris said...

This is why it's so important to find schools for our kids that recognize the innate individual greatness within our children. This is, however, easier said than done.

Sheva said...

I so agree maybe we can stop producing Robots with Payos and understand that each child learns in his or her own way and that should be celebrated not shunned. Thanks for posting on this.