Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guest Artistic Post - By Dan Weinstein - What Moves My Art...

Last Thursday, July 17th marked the opening night of the "Surfboards & Psalms" my Solo Exhibition at the J.Klaynberg Gallery located in Chelsea, New York City at 121 West 19th Street.

A Hip Interpetation of Centuries-Old Judaic Themes

The universe I have depicted on canvas is composed of a
stunning cocktail of intense colors and dynamic images.

My work has been inspired by such disparate elements as
Tehillim (Psalms) & Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), Tsfat and South Beach,
Chassidism & Dr. Suess, Baruch Nachshon, Picasso, Bob Marley,
The Big Lebowski, Shlomo Carlebach & Alice in Chains.

My art pulsates with the most pleasant contradictions.
It is whimsical and fanciful yet poignant. It is traditional - conveying
unchanging centuries old judaic themes, yet entirely modern and
reflective of a dizzyingly fast paced technological age.
These lyrical contradictions collide to create a vibrant, electrifying
universe where intense beauty, harmony and spirituality reign.

To view the entire collection or to contact the artist:

UPDATE: "Coincidentally," Dan's wife has given birth this morning to a brand new baby girl. Mazel tov to Dan and the Mrs. on the new maidaleh! May you both have much Yiddisheh nachas from her ad meah v'esrim shana!

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Alice said...

So excellent and full of life. Beautiful!