Thursday, September 25, 2008

Posting Live on the Uman Drive - Part 2 - The Magid & R' Zusha

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B"h we just concluded our most recent stop in Anapoli at the Tzion of the Maggid of Mezrich ztk'l and Reb Zusha ztk'l. Wow what a hartzig visit we had. We drove up a dirt road along the Bug river. We came across a hill where we could see a small building in the distance alone on the top of a hill. There were wild Turkeys and chickens abound. They escorted us with their loud clucking as if they were cheering us on that the yiddin have arrived to see their Rebbas. Or perhaps they were trying to wake us up from our deep slumber in our holy wagon with our choshuv driver Leon. He woke us by exclaiming aloud "we are here Baruch Hashem by reb Zusha how long do you want to stay" 20 min 30 min we said. He said "you are by Reb zusha at least 1 hour" Baruch hashem he sent us such a faithful goy to remind us how to conduct ourselves by tzaddikim. We said tehillim, davened for our loved ones, shared maasim of the Tzaddikim and sang a niggun from Rosh Hashana davening led by Reb Greenberger "uvichen tzaddikim yira viyismichi viyisharim yaloze vachasidim birinu birinu yagilu.". And also the richous will see and they will be glad and the upright ones will rejoice in simcha and the devout ones will exault in glad song". We sang "kulom biyachad" all as one for at least 20 minutes. One of the maysim told over about the Maggid of Mezrich was that he had a stroke and lost the complete use of his left side of his body. His talmud muvak the Baal Hatanya gave the pshat that the Maggid fought with the yetzer horah with his left hand which represents gevurah and gave up his use of the left side of his body to give koach to all the future generations to over power the yetzer horah. We all have the koach to overpower the yetzer horah this story resinated within us as we stood by the kever of this mighty and awesome tzaddik. As we walked out of the Tzion we saw once again that we were standing in a destroyed cemetery. We saw broken head stones everywhere. Its a strange site to see a mokom as holy as this surrounded by some chickens and some poor villagers living in primitive quarters surrounding a mokem that has a bechinah of eretz yisroel. The children of the village had cups of water waiting for us for 1 dollar a cup. My contribution was 3 dollars. 1 for washing after the beis hakvorim, asher yatzar, and al nitilas yaddayim. Sound like lunch time. On to Mezbich to visit the Tzion of the Baal shem tov hakodosh and the Apter Rov.......... .......................

And if you are wondering, you can feel the kiddushah of every holy makom we have visited. Especially just as the door to our van closes and makes its way to our next holy mokom.

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(Picture of the kever of the Magid of Mezrich courtesy of Zechus Avos Yogen Aleinu)

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