Friday, July 24, 2009

Special Three Weeks Shiur in Baltimore: "Bringing Yemos Ha'Moshiach: Your Role"

1) Special Shiur (See this Flyer) this Sunday July 26th, 8:30 PM upstairs at the Community Kollel. It will be a Three Weeks topic entitled: "Bringing Yemos Ha'Moshiach: Your Role"

2) Currently, we will not be having a shiur on Sunday, August 2nd, but be'ezras Hashem we will resume on Sunday, August 9th and begin our limud of berchas "Shema Kolaynu"

3) Be'ezras Hashem, Rabbi Aryeh Zigdon and I will be leading the Kinnos at the Baltimore Community Kollel's 8:30 am Minyan (in the upstairs Beis Medrash). We will be saying more than 20 of the Kinnos together, and most Kinnos will be preceded by a 3 to 5 minute introduction which will set the unique tone of each.

Of course, it goes without saying that the above is be'ezras Hashem all subject to a great and wonderful change: "Em Kol Zeh, Achakeh Lo Bechol Yom Sheyavoh"

Yerachmiel Goldman

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yaak said...

Looking forward to hearing the audio.