Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Posting (Almost) Live From the Uman Drive by Chaim - Part 2

Yiden, we are working hard to include all of our families, extended families including Kehilas Bais Medrash -- Rav Dovid Speigel Shlita--- Kehilas Aish Kodesh ---Rav Chaim Moshe Weinberger Shlita--- we are all anxious to arrive at our final destination. We passed other commercial transportation including Ox driven Trucks, buses from the late 40s, wow is life so simple, the Boys brought us some water for literally pennies.

When we arrived at the mokom of the Helica Rebba Rav Zushia and the Magid of Mezrich. We mentioned why the Rebbi was called Zushia and not after his Real name Meshulem Zisel- because the Rebba was so sweet, he would constantly take the abuse of every one and any one in order to help another Yid. He was the brother of the famous Heiliga Noam Elimelech of lizensk but quite the opposite he had a very small court while his brother ran probably the largest. The Rebba Rav Zushia was by fare responsible for his holy brothers success in disguise. There we also made a Kal MalA Rachamon for the kedoshim that were murdered in the hands of the Nazis may Hashem avenge their innocent blood speedily in our days. We were able to spot the makom hashetichta because of the menorah that was erected at that place.

Now Lexi our driver no not really our driver is Leon is bringing us to Mezbuz the birthplace of chassidim as we know today. We will have a hot bowl of soup I'YH and some warm bread, a hot mikveh and a place to daven mincha. Our younger chevra is exicted to see the local wares including the mink, beaver,rabbit, skunk take out the last, hats and other home made brika brak.

Wow Leon look out for the pact of cows going home after a hard day at work. Okay we are arriving now in mezbuz. Got to go, I will I'Y'H continue on the next leg of our journey.


PS everyone here says thank you for the zechus to deliver all those tefillos

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