Friday, September 18, 2009

Posting (Almost) Live on the Uman Drive by DOV - Part 3

In the world of Hakodosh Baruch Hu and when on a mission of kirvas hashem through kirvas hatzadikim, expect the unexpected. As if the tzaddik himself called out to Hashem and said "Have these neshomas come and visit me", I asked Leon if he could stop to get some drinks and he replied "sure, we will be in Bardichiv in 5 minutes." We had no intention of stopping there originally, but knowing that Rav Lavie Yitzchak was 5 minutes away, of course we had to stop. This bais hakvoros has always amazed me. The beautiful flowers that surround these kedoshim are fascinating. Baruch Hashem we had time to say a kippitel of tihillim, light a candle, and place our left hand upon the resting place of this Tzaddik yisod olam. I was able to say the all the names that were sent to me over the last few days in this holy place. The kohanim waited patiently outside the cemetery as Jay and I got to spend a few precious and surreal moments in the tzion.

Just as we were leaving, Jay pointed out "how amazing, just the thought that we were driving along the same streets that this holy tzaddik would walk to shul, mikvah, or the bais medrash."

It is upon us to follow in the ways of the Tzadikim. For they will show us the lighted path in kirvas Elokim, kedusha and teharah. Now besides literally following the actual footsteps we must strive to reach the heights of these kedoshim. Rav Tzvi Meyer Zilberberg pointed out on his last trip to America that we have no idea how strong the kochos that hakodosh baruch hu has and continues to give us to grow in kedusha, grow in davening, grow in avodas haboreh, grow in bein adam lichavero, and growing in limud torah.

As we got back into the van all of us began to reflect on the moment and it was just a moment. But, "kieref eyen" in the blink of an eye the whole world could change. Ours just did as we departed another one of the greatest giants in chassidus the holy Kedushas Levi. It is known as a big segulah just to mention his name "Reb Lavi Yitzchak ben Sarah Sasha". Imagine laying your hand upon his kever and opening up you mind and your heart to Hashem.

Bikidusha Vitihara, on into the night to the Baal Shem Tov.

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