Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Tzadekes in my Daughter's School

My daughter's in second grade and her birthday party is this coming Sunday. Besides giving out invitations on Monday (today's Wednesday) to her entire class, she also wanted to give one to her friend from the school bus. The only problem is that this friend is in the 8th grade. I have heard a lot about this young lady from my daughter, and it really sounds like she has taken my daughter in under her wing, like a little sister. She means a lot to my daughter and she's a great role model for her, especially on days when my daughter can't find anyone else to sit next to on the bus. This young woman always makes my daughter feel welcome.

My wife and I explained to our daughter that her older friend would probably not be able to come, since she's in the 8th grade, and the birthday party is geared towards our daughter's second grade class. She said that she understood, but undeterred, she insisted that she was still going to invite her 8th grade friend who she likes so much, which she did on Monday.

Last night my wife gets a phone call from this eighth grade girl. She wanted to tell my wife that she would love to come to the party, but that her gradmother's birthday party (age 91!) is at the same time. She said that she knew it meant a lot to our daughter, so she had baked a cake for her birthday (!) which she would give to my daughter in school today.

I was floored by such chesed and sensitivity by an 8th grader towards a little kid in her school. I saw this girl's mother when I was dropping off my girls for carpool this morning, and told her what an amazing daughter she has. So that's why I had to share that story!

-Dixie Yid

Update: She gave our daughter the cake on this bus on the way home from school today, and they shared the cake with the whole bus. So they shared the wealth and a good time was had by all.

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