Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Hashiva Shofteinu"- The Due Diligence Period Has Expired - Audio Shiur

Reb Yerachmiel has been kind enough to share his latest shiur from the Baltimore Community Kollel Tefillah Chaburah from this past Sunday.

This week's tefillah shiur at the Baltimore Community Kollel lead by Reb Yerachmiel Goldman enjoyed its fourth and final shiur on the topic of berchas "Hashiva Shofteinu" in Shemoneh Esrei, the bracha in which we ask HASHEM to return our Torahdik court system and Torah way of life to the world in conjunction with Yemos Ha'Moshiach.

Topics discussed include an overview and word for word explanation of this entire bracha, which required the defining and distinguishing between such common yet cryptic terms such as "Chessed", "Rachamim", "Tzedek" and "Mishpat".

Indeed, Reb Yerachmiel, himself a commercial real estate attorney, subsequently pointed-out that while his shiur would never declare "case closed" on a bracha of Shemoneh Esrei, nevertheless they are proud to acknowledge that the "due diligence period" has indeed expired.

CLICK HERE to get the shiur by either left clicking to listen to the shiur right away or right clicking and selecting "Save Target As" to download the .wav file.

-Dixie Yid

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Anonymous said...

As always thank you for posting. I'm looking forward to listening and learning.

Anonymous said...

DY- for some reason this shiur is not downloading. Is there anything that you can do to assist? Thanks in advance.

DixieYid (يهودي جنوبي) said...

I'm not sure what to say. I tried downloading it and playing it just now and it worked and played properly.... Maybe try a different computer?

Anonymous said...

Great shiur. Thank you for posting

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if they will be moving on to the next bracha this week (velamalshinim)?

Anonymous said...

Yes, be'ezras Hashem I plan to move on to a wonderful piece on Ve'Lamalshinim!!! (from the Sifse Chaim this week and from Rav Pincus next week, unless Moshiach comes first beezras Hashem)!!!