Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ora Rachel bas Tziporah Bracha Needs a Refuah Sheleima

Received from Rabbi Michael Green of Sharfmans:
Dear Friends and Family,

Two weeks ago, on the second day of Mar Cheshvan, we were fortunate to welcome a sweet and adorably cute baby girl into our family. To that end, I ask each and every member of Klal Yisrael to please continue to intensify your already potent and precious Tefillos, Torah Learning and Tehillim for a complete refuah shelemah for our daughter:

Ora Rachel bas Tziporah Bracha

Without going into much detail, she remains in the NICU, infected with a serious virus. Accordingly, it continues to wreck havoc on various systems throughout her body ranging from her liver to her platelets. Truth be told, just in the first two week of her life, there have been very positive signs, but some, unfortunately, not-so-great ones as well. Chasdei Hashem, she is now breathing on her, we can hold her for intervals at a time, and she enjoys several daily feelings of her mother's milk from a bottle. Plus, she very much enjoys the singing and strokes of her Abba and Ima and much much more!

At this junction, I'd like to publicly thank everyone who has/continues to provide us chizuk and assistance in navigating this medical situation from Rabbi Fuerst in Chicago and Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz in Jerusalem to Mrs. Aviva Feiner in New York and Mrs. Sarah Lipman in Jerusalem. Likewise, our neighbors and friends, colleagues and more, continue to support us with love and nutritious meals.
Indeed, we are aware of thousands of people learning Torah for her on a daily basis as well as luminaries ranging from Rabbi Elyashiv shlita to Chachom Ovadia Yosef shlita. Moreover, stories such as a young boy in our neighborhood who has decided to recite Tehillim on Ora's behalf throughout his entire bus ride to school is simply heartwarming for us to hear!

Please utilize the koach ha'tefilla that we as Klal Yisrael has and arouse everlasting rachamem in Shamayim. Please feel free to forward this to any of your friends and family—fellow members of Kal Yisrael to also take upon learning and Tefillah on her behalf.

In advance, I thank you all, for your incredible and inspiring efforts thus far and hoping for the ongoing Tefillos and zechuyos to bring a speedy refuah shelemah for
Ora Rachel bas Tziporah Bracha
Shavuah Tov!

Rabbi Michael Green
Overseas Director
Bnot Torah/Sharfman's

-Dixie Yid

(Picture courtesy of dentonhospital)

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