Monday, December 1, 2008

2 Minute Video on the Landons Neuroblastoma Battle

For those of you who have been reading recently, you know that I have been putting up some announcements about our friends, the Landon's son "Menschie," who is battling Neuroblastoma. Information on how to help them out and their current drive to raise $125,000 necessary to even begin antibody treatments at Sloan Kettering are posted HERE and HERE. They were featured in a two minutes news piece in Atlanta's NBC news station, 11 Alive. That piece is linked HERE. (I had embedded the video but the embedding code was apparantly causing problems for people in displaying the blog in general.) Again, please follow the links and daven for Menachem Shalom ben Miriam's refuah sheleima and donate to their fund at Chai Lifeline so that he can begin his treatment as soon as possible.

The donation information again is as follows:

* By Phone: Call Chai Lifeline at (877) CHAI LIFE and earmark your donation to the Landon Family Fund.

* By Mail: Make checks payable to: "The Special Fund" *It is very important to note in the memo portion of the check "Landon Family Fund." Mail Checks to: Marilyn Bensinger, Chai Lifeline Southeast Division, 1140 Northeast 163rd ST #8, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Also, he was featured on another Atlanta TV channel. You can see that video HERE.

-Dixie Yid

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