Friday, December 5, 2008

New Book on the Rambam's Intro to Pirkei Avos

My friend, Rabbi Yaakov Feldman, who has written things for Dixie Yid in the past in relation to Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh, has come out with a new book with translation and commentary of the Rambam's introduction to Pirkei Avos, Shemonah Perakim. You can get the book with an online discount from Targum's website HERE.

The following is Targum's words about the book:

Eight hundred years ago, the Rambam wrote eight chaptersimeless wisdom for generations to come.

Targum Press is proud to announce the release of a first-ever translation of Shemonah Perakim, eight chapters of introduction to Ethics of our Fathers which provided guidance and illumination to generations of Jews. In this classic and important work on the fundamentals of Jewish ethics and character development, the Rambam covers many essential topics in Jewish thought, including:

* Why were we placed on this Earth?
* How can we best serve our Creator?
* What steps can we take to elevate and refine our character?

Succintly and clearly, Shemonah Perakim addresses the most existential issues a Jew must face. And now, for the first time, this masterpiece is accessible to the English-speaking public with an expert translation and well-researched commentary from well-known scholar and educator Rabbi Yaakov Feldman.
With clarity and verve, Rabbi Feldman captures the essence of this difficult and erudite work, and shows how the profound insights of one of our nation's greatest leaders are ever-applicable to us in our day and age. Through his work, he makes accessible a monumental exposition of core Torah concepts, a sefer that deals with the very underpinnings of our lives as Torah Jews.

Enlightening to the scholar who seeks a better understanding of the Rambam's guidance, and crucial for the layman who wishes to discover his timeless wisdom, Shemonah Perakim: the Eight Chapters of the Rambam is an invaluable work for all time.

-Dixie Yid

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