Thursday, December 4, 2008

Menschie's Fundraising Goal For Starting Treatment Has Been Met!!!!!!

Mazel Tov!!! The Landons have announced that the funds necessary to begin Menschie's antibody treatment at Sloan Kettering Hospital have been raised and now he can begin. For all of you who have donated, davened (prayed) or linked to these posts to help out Menschie, big yasher koach!

But remember, he still doesn't have a refuah sheleima (complete recovery) yet so he still needs our tefillos (prayers,) and the family will still need donations to the fund. Mrs. Landon and Menschie will be separated from Rabbi Shmuel and the rest of the children for the next five months as the antibody treatments begin, and it will be a very trying time for them.

This is a great milestone but it is still only the beginning of this particular battle. We can't forget about them just because they got together the deposit, and their needs and their struggle doesn't magically end with the beginning of this treatment. Who knows if it will work and they are in for a long course of treatment and separation. We can daven that Hashem has mercy on them and recognizes how so many people have come together to help them with money and tefillos. So please continue to keep them in your tefillos and as people who could still use your donations (info on donating in these posts).

-Dixie Yid

(Picture courtesy of Menshie's first day of school)

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Menashe said...

A refreshing piece of good news. May it only continue!

Sometimes as the child sits up at night crying in his crib, it can seem to him/her that the parent has forgotten about him. Really the parent only wanted to see if the child would notice their leaving. Then the parent returns and just like that we know that they were listening on the other side of the door all along.

We know YOU are just listening to us behind the door; we want to see YOU in all your glory back with us!

DixieYid (يهودي جنوبي) said...


-Dixie Yid