Monday, December 8, 2008

Rav Moshe Weinberger Shiur on How to Give Over Yiddishkeit

With thanks to Nati and Dr. Ron Samet for sharing this shiur with me... Rav Weinberger gave a shiur at a kollel in Eretz Yisroel this past Wednesday. It was on the topic of how to give over Yiddishkeit to one's children, students, and to other Jews.

He talked about the two main aspects of educating a Jew. He spoke about the aspect of giving over the information about the Torah on one hand and about giving over the Giver of the Torah on the other hand. We must teach people the body of Judaism, but we can only do so when we're also giving over the neshoma, the soul of Yiddishkeit, which is how to create a connection with Hashem.

He illustrates this point with a classic story called "The Lost Horse" from Rav Simcha Bunim of Pshischa. I told over this story and posted a video of RAv Weinberger telling over this story in THIS POST.

During the shiur he tells over a TRULY HILARIOUS story at the beginning of the shiur as well.

Please CLICK HERE to listen to the shiur in in mp3 format by either left clicking to listen right away or right clicking and selecting "Save Target As" to download the shiur.

-Dixie Yid

(Picture courtesy of Yeshivas Derech Hamelech)

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Neil Harris said...

The story in the beginning is great. Thanks for posting this.