Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rav Weinberger's Shiurim Now On Brand New Audio MP3 Site!!!

The New Aish Kodesh Audio site is now online! My Rebbe, Rav Moshe Weinberger, is a Rav who knows how to speak to the heart of this generation. He can take the deepest or most essoteric teaching and show you, in language that you can understand, how it is immediately and vitally releveant to your life right now. His mission is to bring the fire of Chassidus into our cooling hearts, here in America. He has given over 1900 shiurim that have been recorded and are now available on Aish Kodesh's newly and completely redesigned site.

There are free samples available of several awesome shiurim that will give you a great taste of what Rav Weinberger's teachings are all about.

A certain holy Yid has put an amazing amount of his time, resources and strength into sharing Rav Weinberger's Torah first through tapes, then through the previous generation of the mp3 site, and now through this incarnation of the site. He has commissioned other holy Yiddin to summarize all of the shiurim on the site. So you can click on any shiur on the site and get a paragraph summary of some of the key points from that shiur.

Also, all of the shiurim are organized according to a number of different tags. For instance, in one shiur, Rav Weinberger might be teaching from a certain sefer, and he might bring in something from that week's parsha and connect all of that to an upcoming Yom Tov. The multiple tags allow you to find shiurim that relate to the topic that you are interested in. Each shiur may be listed in several categories, making it much easier to find something on a topic that you may be looking for.

The charges for the shiurim go 100% toward the Shul, which makes Rav Weinberger available to the whole world through this site. So take advantage and check out the new site!

-Dixie Yid

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Anonymous said...

Its off topic so I hate to do this Just I think it is great for The Rabim Rabbi Weinbeger has free audio and video shiurim on another site along with others like Henoch Teller at http://www.naaleh.com/
video you can Place directly on an Ipod with out transferring very worth while(one thing most are on Rosh Hashanah but you can do Teshuvah all year(;)

Anonymous said...

I love Rabbi Weinberger's material and it is a shame that his Torah is being sold instead of widely disseminating it for free.

For one thing, there is so much great Torah for free on the Internet that charging is a tremendous impediment to wide distribution.

Just think of all the zchus that would accrue to everybody involved if thousands of people were listening and benefiting from this wonderful Torah. Now only a small minority will actual budget the money to purchase and listen. (By the way, the price is not clearly stated on the site.)

Please talk to those involved and consider freeing Rabbi Weinberger's wonderful Torah.

Anonymous said...

There is a saying: "The best things in life are free" - except for Rav Weinberger's supurb shiurim. Everytime I listen to one I am very happy to make a nominal charge that goes to the Congregation.

Anonymous said...

I have listened to Rav Weinberger's shiurim over the last few years via the web. It is probably the best investment I have made in recent years. My stock broker was with Lehman Brothers who advised me to keep going with GM. So much for that. The only wise strategy I had was to invest in Torah time via the web.