Thursday, January 3, 2008

Koidinover Rebbe in 5 Towns Parshas Va'eira

Here's a heads-up for anyone around the 5 Towns. The Koidenover Rebbe shlit"a will be visiting the Five
Towns on behalf of his Mosdos from Friday January 4th- Sunday January 6th to inspire the community with the following events. Thanks again to Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, who is organizing this trip, and keeping us in the loop!

Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Vaera (The Rebbe will be speaking in English)

Friday night davening:

4:30 pm Congregation Anshei Chesed of Hewlett
Dvar Torah before Maariv

8:15pm Tish at the home of Mr and Mrs Benyomin Wolf
888 Cambridge Rd., Woodmere.

Shabbos Morning Davening:
9:00 am Beis Medrash of Cedarhusrt (R’ Spiegel)

Shabbos Afternoon
4:10 pm Mincha and Shalosh Seudos at Aish Kodesh
Dvar Torah at Shalosh Seudos

Motsaei Shabbos
7:00 pm Father and son learning at the Yeshiva of
South Shore (in the Anshe Chesed Beis Medrash)

The Rebbe will be available for private meetings
at the home of Mr and Mrs Avi Hirsch, 135 Pine street,

Sunday Morning:
Sunday morning Shachris : 8:00 AM at Cong. Knesseth
Israel (White Shul)
The Rebbe will be available for private visits at 9:30
AM at the White Shul

The Rebbe will be staying at the home of our gracious
hosts Mr and Mrs Chaim Freud

To schedule an appointment to meet with the Rebbe or
for more information about other events please contact...

Koidenov descends from the dynasties of Lechovich and
Karlin-Stolin. The Rebbe is reviving what was once a
thriving Chassidus in White Russia and has recently
rebuilt the first Koidenover yeshiva since the rise of
Communism. His Mosdos are also heavily involved in
kiruv and chesed projects such as the Pre-Pesach maos
chitim campaign. The Rebbe's bais midrash on Dizengoff
Street in Tel Aviv attracts Jews of all backgrounds.
This marks the Rebbe’s first visit to the Five Towns.

-Dixie Yid

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