Friday, January 11, 2008

Posting on Fridays vs. Sundays

I"m toying with the idea of not posting any major posts on Fridays anymore. And starting to post them on Sundays instead. No one (relatively speaking) reads anyway on Fridays and Sundays I have almost as much readership as Mon-Thu. So I'm going to experiment with the idea of posting more major things on Sundays instead of Fridays. :-)

-Dixie Yid

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A Simple Jew said...

arrgghh! I need my daily fix of Dixie Yid!

DixieYid (يهودي جنوبي) said...

Ha ha!

Makes sense, though. No?

-Dixie Yid

yitz said...

I used to like to keep an idea in my head a while before posting about it..

For one, I noticed that as soon as I write something down i stop thinking about it. So I wanted to digest something further and have it fuel my tefillah and further torah and so I would hold back a while.

Also, in one of my father in law's books, i read about the minhag of the mekubalim of tzfat not to give over a Torah for at least two weeks in order to make sure it had no "warmth of sheker" before they taught it to their students.

But, since I'm not on their level, and I'm sure i'm still often lost in the "warmth of sheker" i don't wait two weeks. And because I think it does more good to reveal more Torah in the world i post despite all of my self-doubts regarding my genuine desires.

And since I learned Rebbe Nachman's idea of serving HaShem from a place of newness at every moment (likkutei halachoth - hilchoth tefillin) i've started posting as soon as i can in order to clear my head to receive new things.

So, here's the point i wanted to get to but it needed a lot of introduction, you might find that not getting out the ideas before Shabbath gets in the way of the new ideas you might otherwise formulate on shabbath.

On the other hand, when I was younger I used to tell over a dvar Torah on erev shabbath, and again on shabbath night, and then by shabbath day I would know exactly how to give the Torah over without any unnecesary content or confusing side points. So having Shabbath to think over the idea again might serve to refine and narrow it down to its essence.

(the two cents of my limited experience)