Thursday, January 31, 2008

Modzitzer Melaveh Malka in Kew Gardens Hills, NY Next Week

Received via e-mail:

The Rabbi Israel D. Rosenberg Educational Institute
Congregation Etz Chaim

Velvel Pasternak
world renowned expert in Chassidic music

Motzei Shabbat Terumah
February 9, 2008
8:15 PM

A Modzitzer Melaveh Malkah
The program, part lecture, part music, part tasteful refreshments, will celebrate the musical tradition of the Modzitzer Chassidic dynasty, whose melodies are known to every Jew who steps into a shul, whether at Kaballat Shabbat, Musaf, or the Yamim Noraim

The program will be dedicated in honor of Judy and Abe Keehn, who have graciously extended their chesed to our shul in so many ways over the years

$5.00 suggested donation

Congregation Etz Chaim 147-19 73 Ave. Kew Gardens Hills

For more info, please contact Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg at rabbi(@)

-Dixie Yid

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Unknown said...

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