Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Berchas Al Ha'Tzaddikim- Upteitch of the Bracha's Conclusion - Audio Shiur

Reb Yerachmiel is back with his latest shiur in the Baltimore Community Kollel Tefillah Chaburah.

In the latest shiur on Berchas "Al Ha'Tzaddikim" in Shemoneh Esrei given this past Sunday night at the Baltimore Community Kollel, Reb Yerachmiel studies with us the phrase "V'Sim Chelkainu Emahem" through the bracha's conclusion, and in doing so addresses many fundamental issues in Yiddishkeit including the concept of "nehama de'kisufa", a Jew's chelek in Torah and chelek in Life, the hidden reality of "losing" and "reacquiring" our mitzvos, the proper approach to embarrassment, and a chut-hamishulash of peshatim in what "Mishaan U'Mivtach" actually means.

CLICK HERE to listen to the shiur by left clicking to listen right away or right click and select "Save Target As" to download.

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Anonymous said...

Todah rabbah bishveel hahaklatah!

Anonymous said...

Yasher koach for posting. Great shiurim all around.

Anonymous said...

Nice shiur. Anyone have any idea whether Reb Yerachmiel will be giving a shiur on Purim before th holiday/Sunday night?