Monday, March 30, 2009

The Depth of the Mitzvah of Maos Chitin - And a Great Way to Fulfill It

An friend of mine in Baltimore, who would prefer to remain anonymous, has shared a short, 20 minute shiur that Rav Moshe Shapiro gave in someone's home there, on the deeper meanings in the mitzvah of Maos Chitin, giving tzedakah to ani'im before Pesach. You can CLICK HERE

I also wanted to share the following resource through which you can fulfill the mitzvah of Maos Chitin, the organization Kimcha D'Pischa. My community is zocheh to have two long-time friends of my rebbe visit at least once a year. Yesterday, I was also zocheh to have these two great Karlin-Stoliner chassidim, Rabbis Asher Klitnick and Moshe Shapoff, in my home for a few minutes. Rabbi Shapoff was even a talmid of Rav Moshe Weinberger in high school about 25 years ago and they have remained close ever since. Rav Weinberger speaks publicly once a year in Shul on Shabbos morning about what a great work Kimcha D'Pischa does. And he does not do that for any other mosad that I am aware of. Their overhead is covered and so all of the donations go directly to the Ani'im that they support.

In order to donate (tax deductibe), send a check to:

Beth Aaron V'Israel Chesed Fund (Checks: "BAVI Chesed Fund")
606 Est. 2nd St.
Brooklyn, NY 11218

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