Friday, June 19, 2009

Bilvavi Vol. 2 and Da Es Atzmecha in English Now Available in the U.S.!

Da Es Atzmecha in English now available in the U.S.! Getting to Know Yourself

Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh Vol 2 now available in the U.S. in English! Building a Sanctuary in the Heart

HT Steven Frankel and A Simple Jew

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Neil Harris said...

In Chicago, both Rosenblooms and Kesher Stam currently have the newer version of Vol I.

aaron.nanach said...


4th night of Chanka, to the people who involved with the needs of the community with emuna (faith) Shmuel David may he live, Yehuda Leib may he live.

Peace and blessing, it was pleasant for me to hear about the upcoming meeting to discuss the practical help, for the centre of education

...obligation and merit for each individual to participate in this service, to strengthen and expand the service of these 3 institutions. And certainly they will publicize the contents of my letter amongst the participants in the gathering as they have merited to take a portion of the Previous Rebbe zy'a and so too in every place where there will be a benfit.

And behold I am hoping to hear soon about practical actions, of this gathering, and about the good fruits that will come from a good planting, and its growing in the future, and certainly he will also let me know all the names of the participants.

With blessing, Menachem Schneerson