Sunday, April 15, 2007

Protecting yourself on the internet- Buddy System Alternative

Shimon at A Jewish Blog has researched another solution to the problem that I brought up here about the spiritual dangers on the internet for Yidden who must use the internet.

The results of his research and experience can be found on his post here. I think this issue must be addressed by anyone who uses the internet. The gemara says "Ain Apotropos l'arayos." No one can guarantee about himself that he will not engage in problems relating to Gilui Arayos, shmiras ha'einayim, or hirhur aveira. Therefore, we must all find aitzos that do not rely on our own self-control to stem this problem. If you use a filter like Shimon suggests, then someone else (your wife, mother, whatever) should have the password to control it's access. Not you/your children, etc.

Here's the link to Shimon's post on this subject.

-Dixie Yid

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