Monday, July 9, 2007

Guide to Labeling Orthodox Jews

FFB: (Frum From Birth)

FFBWL: Frum From Birth With Lapses- "My yeshiva had the best weed..."

FFBOOH: Frum From Birth Out Of Habit

BT: Ba'al Teshuva

IBT: Integrated Ba'al Teshuva- "You're a Ba'al Teshuva?!"

NIBT: Non-Integrated Ba'al Teshuva- Q: "Can I help you find the pages during the service?" A: "I'm okay, thanks."

BTNOOH: Ba'al Teshuva Now Out Of Habit


-Dixie Yid (card-carrying Underconstructionist)


Passionate/Mellow Life said...

I think you might want to add:

Frum from birth but awakened and found True Torah Judaism and not the "do what everyone else does" kind.

Nice post!

DixieYid said...

Now I like that one! It's better thank FFBWL!

-Dixie Yid

Neil Harris said...

Don't forget FFT-Frum From Teshuva (I first heard this from R Moshe Shur)

Jewish Blogmeister said...
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Jewish Blogmeister said...

Great Post! Everybody be on the look out for my interview of this witty blogger right here real soon.