Friday, July 20, 2007

Statements by Chazal about Gerim

-When the Jewish people do Hashem's will, He scouers the world, and when he sees a Tzadik among the nations of the world, he brings him and attaches him to the Jewish poeple [as a Ger]. Yerushalmi Brachos 2.

-Hashem only dispersed the Jewish people among the nations in order to add onto them Gerim. Pesachim 87b.

-Three [types of people] love one another: Gerim, slaves, and guarentors. Pesachim 113b.

-When the Gerim come in the world to come, Antoninus will come at the head. Yerushalmi Megillah 1.

-Whether a male converts [to marry a Jewish] woman, or a woman who converts [to marry a Jewish] man... they are not [valid] Gerim. Yevamos 24b.

-There is an advantage that exisits between Yisroel and Gerim. Whereas by Yisroel, the pasuk says 'I shall be to them a G-d and they shall be to me, a nation,' by Gerim it is written, 'Who is this whose heart guarentees him to approach me?' [a more intimate level than just being His nation] Kiddushin 70b.

Perhaps I will cover more ma'amarei Chazel later, but this is a small sampling. Some sound superficially negative but I feel that I cannot quote these without greater explanation, which I will perhaps get to another time.

-Dixie Yid

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(I found these sources using אוצר האגדה, Otzar Ha'agada)

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