Monday, October 22, 2007

My Answer to the Q&A at ASJ on Hashgacha Pratis

Please click on over to read my answer to A Simple Jew's question over at his site. It relates to recent examples of how I'm trying to see Hashgacha Pratis in everyday life, and how that relates to my law school studies and to the audio I heard of R' Tzvi Mayer's drasha in New York which I am also posting today.

Here's ASJ's acutal question to me...

A Simple Jew asks:

In many of my recent postings, I have attempted to uncover the hand of Hashem in events significant, and seemingly insignificant in my life. Can you think of something significant that happened to you this past year which you clearly believe is an example of hasgocha pratis?

Dixie Yid answers:

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